Saturday, March 8, 2008

Um sumariðju krakkanna

Yemen Education and Relief Organization




During each of every year summer , the organization has been doing activities that are held in the Center and also outside the Center every summer for the last two years, And we have been providing help and medical support all the year through for children and their families . These summer activities aims to develop the children mental and intellectual capacities, and also to make the students focus on their talents and artistic side. We teach them the whole year through different skills such as mannerism discipline and English lessens plus home work assistance .And this summer we have started them on a computer lessens and first aid classes ,

The most important of all, the organization teach the children and youth how to believe in them selves, and focus on their ambitions and talents. These activities differ from one to another, and they are as follows:

Art activities:

The organization believes that the children should develop their artistic side and find their different talents. Therefore, the organization provided an art teacher who later discovered that a group of twelve children, boys & girls had artistic talents. These children were later trained and made their own art work of water colors. An exhibition was held in the organization premises to present their different art work. The centre has also provided a space for other organization to present their own craft work and sale them.

Photography classes were also provided by the organization at the binging of this year for the youths. The two main aims for this activities was first to teach the youths how to express their feelings and thoughts by pictures, and second to give them the ability to reflect their points of view towards what's happening in their society and culture such as families, children rights and elections which was holed at the time in Yemen . As a result of these photographic classes an exhibition was held in the French cultural centre to present the youth's work. It was very successful presentation and the children were very proud of them selves.

An election was also holed in the organization among the students to elect a boy and a girl to represent the rest of the students. The elected boy and girl are the ones to help the other students in solving any problems that they may face and represented their ideas and thought on how to improve the work of them selves and the work of organization.

Children classes:

The children were divided into two groups according to their ages. The younger ones from age five to seven years were taught basics Arabic language and lessons which improved their behavior and manners towards society. They’ve been also taught basics science along simple experiments.
Sport activities were also encouraged to be given to children before each lesson. At the end of each lesson art works such as drama, drawing, singing and other art works was held for the children.
The other groups starting from age eight to twelve years were given extra English classes which gave them the ability to form sentences and simple conversations.
They were also given hygiene and mannerism lessons. Art works such as drawing and singing were also provided to the children at the end of each lesson.

Computer and English classes for the youth:

The organization believes that the youth must be educated in different ways and therefore they decided to focus this summer on teaching the 20 youth, 10 boys & 10 girls’ basics computer skills such as, how to use a computer and learn different software programs, power point, excel and Microsoft Word The new computers were provided by the IWA (international women association) who are always giving supports and help for YERO and most needy places in Yemen.

Beside that, the youths are given lessens in basics English, and first aid classes which’s will help them to deal with an injure and to prevent accidents.

Health care:

The centre has now a health unit that provide health care for the children and their families free of charge. We have two volunteers’ doctors who come twice a week with a nurse. The health care include free checkups, free medication if needed and provide help for other health problems such as surgeries outside the health unit, by arranging a hospital who can help them with their surgeries.

Junior youth classes:

The organization believes that the youths have the capacity to make a change in their lives; therefore, they have been provided with series of books from the DLP (development Learning press), to develop the youths personality and skills, such as the power of speech and writing and to develop their ability to express their thoughts clearly so they can take the right decisions in their lives.

The youth in the centre have been divided into two groups (the first groups starts from age 12 to 15 years and the second group from age 16 to 17 years), and each group has two tutors. Other than studying the book, the youths practice other activities such as dramas, sports and games. When the youth finished the course, they made a presentation in the centre presenting what they had studied in the form of dramas, songs and speeches

Fanatical help:

The organization provided lots of fanatical help for the children along with their families. They differ from cloths supply, house supply to health care.
People who don’t have enough cloths supply , they were provided with cloths, jackets and shoes, especially in the winter time in which many people don’t have enough cloths to keep them warm.
Before and during the fasting time, food was provided from the organization to all the children and their families. And in special occasions such as the Eid which is a religious festival held after the fasting period, the children and their families are given new cloths and food.
Many donors also donate food and cloths supply.

Special occasions:

The youths were given trips last summer, to visit different places in the capital.
They had trips to historic places, museums, and other interesting places outside Sana’a the youths played games, made competitions between them, and had a football competition
WE also prepared a day in which the children and youth HAD A PARTY perfuming a play which they wroth them selves and were given toward the end of the party gifts such as watches for the youth, and different presents and gifts for the children. They were also given food & soft drinks during the party.

Youths and junior youths:

The youths had difficulties at first, in other words they were facing difficulties in their lives. Many of the new youths who attended the centre were at first facing lack of confidence, not much education. However, with the help of different courses given to them, many youths started to gain confidence, and good behaviour towards the society and their families. They started making friends and socializing with the others. Some gained the power of speech and how to express their thoughts to others in a confidant way.

The group that had been in the centre for so long is the young girls (they have been with Yero for more then 3 years) and in these three years a lot of things have changed in their personality, most of these girls have come from disturbing back ground and the families who did not know anything about their ambitions and talents. However, after they entered the centre, they started realizing that they have the right to dream for an ambition and they were thought the concept of equality. Now the girls have gain self-esteem, self confident and how to prove their existence.

The organization has also given a chance for the girls to practice and develop their hobbies and talents such as drawing and writing. Many children at first did not know that they had artistic talents and with the help of the centre they discovered their talents and started practicing them continuously.

Many children were facing difficulties in socializing with people, and many of them at the beginning didn’t have any friends. But with time, they started to make lots of friends especially junior youths were happy t that they had made lots of friends in the centre and outside, and had developed their social capacity.

Many of the youths who were not able to play sports, especially girls, were given the chance to practice and ply in the centre such as football; and other games.

The conclusion is that the centre has helped the children in the development of their characters, intellectual capacity, talents and mind. Now lots of youth are not scared of facing the society and any problem that they might face.